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Read what Parents and students are saying about thier Child Play Music School experience.


Child Play Music School will not disappoint!

"We have participated in group and private lessons with Joel and he is excellent with children! Joel is an amazing musician and has a unique ability to inspire the love of music... His teaching technique allows kids to quickly grasp and accomplish lesson material. He keeps the lesson light hearted and fun while constantly encouraging his students to move beyond their comfort level. Joel will not disappoint!"

-Julie Rich


Finding Child Play Music School was a TRIFECTA!

"Finding Joel was a trifecta! He is great with kids. He is a gifted musician. He is a master teacher. Under Joel's guidance, our grandson has learned guitar technique while developing a real love for music and dedication to his practice, and he has loved every minute of it. Joel truly does make learning music seem easy."

- Dianne Johnson


A Complete Music Education From Childhood To Professional!

"First let me say that I have worked with children as a special education teacher and as an art teacher most of my life, so I have some experience with teaching children and the arts. Joel is an excellent teacher. As a young guitarist, my son has been amazing and diligent in his practice and lesson. Although Adam was skilled when he first started going to Joel, Joel has managed to find holes in Adam's training and fill those holes with both knowledge and experience. Joel is capable not only teaching the new young student starting out, but he is also excellent at assisting the serious student in stepping beyond playing the instrument for fun and for a lifetime, into being able to pursue that guitar as a professional choice if that student wishes. My son is planning a career in music and is planning on going to UNT to pursue multiple degrees in music. I have no doubt that through Joel's teaching, inspiration and dedication that Adam will be greatly assisted in pursuing his career in music."

-Jim Sydnor


From One Teacher about Another

"As a Taekwondo instructor in Dallas, I work with a lot of kids on a weekly basis. That being said, I think Joel Pipkin does an excellent job of breaking down the music into easy, fun and applicable drills. Often times, kids get discouraged if they don't see or feel any progression for their hard work. Joel does a fantastic job at boosting confidence while refining the skills and talents of musicians, beginner to advanced. His affordable pricing and flexible scheddule tells me that this guy is still grass roots and obtainable. Get in while you can. It's only a matter of time before the luxury of one-to-one lessons from a great guitarist like Joel is no longer available."

-Joe Van


Simple and Effective!

"I've met Joel on facebook, on a Flamenco discussion group. His advices on Flamenco guitar technique practices caught my attention. Previously, I've used various popular "conventional" methods for improving Flamenco guitar technique, but Joel's method is simplest and most effective. Joel is great motivator, teacher and friend. I was so fortunate to find him to be my guide, and companion on wonderful journey of mastering Flamenco guitar. Thanks Joel!"

- Kyle Davies


Once in a Lifetime learning opurtunity!

"I met Joel randomly online and asked about music lessons. He immediantly gave his address and availability much to my suprise. Very rarely do you get to meet a guitarist as talented and inspiring as Joel but it is also a once in a lifetime when you find one who is just as good a teacher. Always motivational Joel never let me leave a lesson feeling like I havdn't accomplished something. I noticed immediant progress and felt myself extremely fortunate to meet such an awsome teacher and altogether great human being. Thank you Joel for giving me the skills that will allow me to reach my dreams and beyond. Peace!"

- Jimmy Hernandez III


Child Play Music School lessons build confidence quickly!

"He is an amazing teacher. My brother takes classes from him and went from strumming with low confidence to really shredding some thread with stellar confidence. Thanks so much Joel!"

- Google User


Five Stars for sure!

"I have never had such a patient and understanding teacher before. He has taught me so much and I really love going to his guitar lessons. Five stars for sure! He's an excellent guitar player and a great teacher."

-Tinting Qiu



Child Play Music School

Kid Tested,

Mom Approoved

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