Weekly Private Lessons

​Regular One-On-One Lessons with a skilled instructor is the foundation that a good music education is built upon.


Through the ages music has been handed down from teacher to pupil via One-On-One lessons. Child Play Music School offers Guitar lessons, Piano lessons, and Percussion lessons. Private lessons meet once a week, 3-4 times a month for a total of 42 lessons a year.


Weekly Group Lessons

Regular Group Lessons accomadate the adolescent's expanding social needs and develop ensamble skills.


Some skills are learned better in groups. The Child Play Music School student not only learns solo playing skills, but ensemble skills as well. In our small group classes students get training in many secondary instruments. Group lessons meet once a week, 3-4 times a month for a total of 42 lessons a year.


Weekly Band Rehearsals

Once students are ready they are invited to join a band with other students.


As students become proficient on a few secondary instruments in addition to their primary instrument we form performance groups. At this point Weekly Band Rehearsals replace Weekly Group Lessons.


Monthly Jam Sessions

Once your child is ready he/she is invited to our monthly jam sessions, where we jam out to the blues and other popular tunes.


Child Play Music Jam Sessions are fun! We practice swapping between soling, comping, and keeping rhythm, in a “jam session” setting; we piece together the many percussion instruments in a "drum circle" setting; and we sight read 4-part harmony in a "classical gathering" setting.


High Skilled Instruction


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