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FAQs​ - Frequently Asked Questions


What age is best for music lessons for my child?

The best time is when your child wants to learn.  Research indicates that the positive effects of learning to play a musical instrument on cognition and brain development in children is most dramatic before the age of 12.  Child Play Music School specializes in teaching children music between the ages of 5 and 12.


What should I look for in a music teacher for children?

Being able to teach a child music is a specialty. Any teacher of children who does not allow parental attendance should be avoided. The teacher should be able to relate to your child and to you. Communication with the teacher is critical for long-term, successful music education. Teachers should have experience and training with children. All Child Play Music School instructors have had in-class training, training in child-development, training in the natural use of the hands, and a natural sitting position to avoid injury to the young musician. Child Play Music School teachers are the most trained and studied in how to teach your child the fun and rewarding world of music.


What is better, private lessons or group lessons?

Well... It's not really an either or sort of thing.  A good music education begins with One-on-One Private lessons with an expert instructor on a primary instrument.  A complete music education will aslo include group lessons, jam sessions, and rehearsals with multiple instruments.


When are the lessons and how much do they cost?

Times and tuition varries depending on location. Child Play Music School is surprisingly affordable. Contact us for specific information.


Family Discounts?

Yes. We do offer dicounts to families with more than one child enrolled.  Contact us for specific information.


What if my child is older than 12?

Our teachers also teach older children and adults.  

Contact us for specific information.


This all sounds Great. How do I enroll my child?

New lessons enroll monthly. Give us a call: 214-733-1866.

Got a question we didn't think of? Email Us!


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