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Summer Camps


One Time at Band Camp...

Over the summer Child Play Music School offers some summer camp options for our students. Regular weekly lessons will continue throughout the summer, but you also have the option to sign up for one or more weeks of camp.


Boot Camp​


Boot Camp is the same as our regular lessons but concentrated into a five day work week of intense fun. Each week of boot camp will have an ambitiouse goal for the student to meet on their primary insrument. Students can enroll in as many weeks of Boot camp as they have time for.

Bass Camp

Bass Camp is for guitar students who have an interest in playing the bass. The bass is tuned the same as the guitar and uses similar technques. There are a number of reasons why every guitaist should also play the bass. 1) A good bass player is always working, and 2) it's expensive to hire a good bass player for your album so as guitarists it makes sense to learn to play the bass parts ourselves.


Guitar Rhythm Camp

Guitar Rhythm Camp is for non guitar students. It is valuable and fun for non-guitarist to become proficient on the guitar. Students learn the open position chords and basic strumming patterns.


Percussion Camp

Percussion Camp is open to all students. Instruments included are the Congas, Cajon, Clave, Palmas, and Shakers. A guitarist’s and pianist's best friend is his/her percussionist.  Learning the percussion patterns helps the other instrumentalist lock-in with his/her percussionist. Also, being able to show a friend a conga pattern or two, turns a lonely guitar, or piano recital into a party!


Melodica Camp

Melodica Camp is open to all students. The melodica is a cross between a harmonica and a piano. It’s an easy cheap instrument that we expect all our students to get. With the melodica, students learn to phrase more musically and they learn the anatomy of the piano. Guitarist, and pianists are often criticized for not playing melodically. This is because our instruments are played with our fingers which don’t need to breathe to play. The melodica requires breath and so the student is forced to phrase within their breathing. Once acquired, this improved musicianship comes out in our students' guitar, and piano playing, as well!


Theory Camp

Theory Camp is open to all students. Music Theory is the study of how music works. In this camp we will move beyond the language and notation of music and seek to identify patterns and structures. In other words, we will add labels to the shapes we use. Music theory helps musicians communicate their musical ideas with each other.


Jam Camp

This is a group Camp held at the end of summer, open to all students. We will practice swapping between soling, comping, and keeping rhythm, in a “jam session” setting. Enrolling in Boot Camp and/or Theory Camp is encouraged because we will cover topics helpful for jamming with friends in those two camps.


Band Camp

This camp is for students who have attended Bass Camp, Guitar Rhythm Camp, Percussion Camp and/or Melodica Camp. Students who can play at least one secondary instrument are also welcome to join. We will form a band and arrange a number of tunes with Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Vocal, Piano, and Melodica. Students will take turns playing different instruments on different tunes.

Child Play Music Summer Camps

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